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The Creative Team

Our Colorful Artists

Art Walk Joe.jpg

Joe Wilt

Creator of Collabery & Photography Artist

Joe's eye for photography with the use of his Samsung Smartphone, led to his inner creative outlet. Joe came to realize he is a true artist and his local art is always sought after from near and far.


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Nikki Green

Co-Creator and Metalsmith

Nikki is a local Metalsmith who plays with fire and creates jewelry from metal, ethically sourced gemstones, upcycled materials and fierceness!



IG: @coveritupcreations

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Art Walk Alyssa4.jpeg

Alyssa Rotay

Collabery Artist

Alyssa is all about color and insightfulness in her work. Her paintings are whimsical, some are funky and some are quite majestic. There is something special for everyone.


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Mark Zimmerman

Collabery Artist

Known as a local legend, Mark is an abstract expressionist who also enjoys painting birds and trees. You can find his works as well at his studio at The Upstairs Studio Artist in Phoenixville.

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Collabery Mark Profile Pic.jpg
Collabery Selfie With Alyssa, Mark and Joe.jpg

Regular Artists

Part-Time Lifers

Brian Richmond

Michael Kenny

IG: bwr__studio

IG: @micheal.kenny.made

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